what is hawan ?

Havan is an ancient ritual which is performed to purify the atmosphere and the environment. It is a form of of Hindu prayers which is said as a path to reach God. The most important objective of hawan is for the benefit of all, rather than for self. The main element of hawan is sacred fire, which is the Fire God, who represents the universal power. As per the Vedas, fire eliminates all the bad effect from the atmosphere and make the environment spiritual and clean.

what is hawan samagri ? 

Hawan Samagri is the mixture of various organic compounds, in which the chief ingredients are saffron, guggal, guggal or loban, champhor, barley, all these are used for fragrance. Additionally, the rice, barley, sandalwood, ghee, coconut, dry fruits, kamal gatta, etc. are some of the ayurvedic ingredients, used to perform hawan in various combinations. You can use them according to your convenience. As per the scientific facts, hawan ingredients also work as a disinfectant germicidal agent. In Indian culture, hawan is performed as a personal ritual which is done for the benefit of the society or for the wellness of family and relatives.     
Nowadays, hawan samagri is available in the packed form you can easily borrow them from the market, as well as online stores. People perform this ritual activity on the day of their child birth, marriage, and many other special occasion, as it gives them actual happiness of life and make the entire atmosphere peaceful and calm.

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